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XMETA is an R package that offers several functions for performing meta-analysis and visualizing outcomes. Through video tutorials, sample codes, and more, this website provides a comprehensive exploration of the features found in XMETA and how they may apply to your work. 


There are existing R and STATA packages that perform several methods of meta-analysis, which may be supplemented by additional functions available in the XMETA R package. 
What's new in XMETA?
The XMETA package is a comprehensive toolbox for meta-analysis that includes functions for:
      • making inference for univariate and multivariate meta-analysis
      • detecting and quantifying the evidence of small study effects (publication bias, heterogeneity)
      • visualizing univariate and multivariate outcomes in meta-analysis

Existing R package 'meta':
     • fixed effect and random effect meta-                   analysis (functions include metabin,                   metacont, metacor, and others) 
     • plots (forest, funnel, radial, etc.)
     • statistical tests to evaluate bias (metabias,         trimfill)
     • meta-regression (metareg)
Existing STATA collection of commands:
     • meta-analysis (metanmetaan, metacum)
     • plots (metafunnelconfunnel)
     • statistical tests to evaluate bias                           (metabiasmetatrim)
     • meta-regression (metareg)

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